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Dan Prater, ND

When to use Naturopathic Intervention and Conventional Medicine

Both Naturopathy and conventional medicine have their time and place!

Conventional medicine is crucial in emergency situations!

Naturopathic intervention is the best approach to prevention!

By incorporating:             

  1. Wellness-oriented diet & lifestyle programs.
  2. Supplementation specific to your needs.
  3. Nutrigenomics, the relationship between nutrition and your specific needs.
  4. Labs
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Consultations Available

Consultations are available at our clinic or we offer phone consultations to allow clients access to naturopathic consultation regardless of location. Phone Consultations also offer greater flexibility with scheduling services, especially for the development of client specific plans of care.

Naturopathic Intervention

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I am very pleased to be with a professional that doesn't just run you through his office in 10 minutes and then sends you out with a prescription for pharmaceuticals. Dan listens and takes what you have to say seriously, he provides a very comprehensive plan of care and he focuses on making you healthier! Dr. Prater is a true healer, he has broaden my knowledge and helped me make much better decisions for my health! If you are serious about taking care of yourself, truly becoming a healthier individual on all levels and doing it naturally, I feel there is no reason to search for another Naturopath! This is simply the truth, and after a month of Dr. Praters care you will know it’s the truth with the results you will realize. John M
I suffered from a benign but aggravating skin discoloration caused by an environmental fungus... Dan Prater's prescription took care of my condition in 6 days ! Stephen L.
Dan, Thank you for your patience and taking the time to explain my plan of care, and for answering my many other questions. God Bless, Your friend and client of 10 years Rosemary M.
Very knowledgeable and helpful for me for a very long time now. I am so grateful to have met Dan and trust him to keep me walking and healthy throughout my cancer experience and issues with my back. Donna
I cannot say enough positives about Dan and his services. The supplements that I have received for stress and insomnia have allowed me to avoid prescription medications and have kept me healthy. I have never felt better! Thank u Dan.  Karen A.
I have trusted Dan for several years and he has never steered me wrong. I have total trust and confidence in him. If you're looking for a holistic and natural approach to your health, you won't be disappointed. Angelica P.
Dan Prater, ND is a conscientious and holistically sympathetic alternative medicine professional that truly cares about the quality of life of his clients. I appreciate his thoroughness and his and his office's passion to do anything it takes to be of service. Stephen L.
Total confidence and trust in my treatments for many many years. Has been a lifesaver to me. Donna S.